This 1 Simple Test is the Key to Delicious Meals

Dhreeti Khatri

Picture this….you are in the kitchen, preparing a meal. You open the pantry to grab a jar of ground spices to add to the dish you’re making. The spices will add some flavour to your dish. You open the jar, scoop out the ground spice and you’re about to sprinkle some into the pot....


Did you take a little sniff of the contents in the jar? 

A little sniff! Why?

This little “Smell Test” can help you determine the freshness of the spices!

How can smelling determine freshness?

Spices get their aroma and flavour from the oils held in their cell structure. When these whole spices are ground, more of its surface area is exposed to the air, making the oils evaporate quicker. This causes the loss in aroma and flavour over time.

Freshly ground spices will be aromatic and have intense flavours, whereas old ground spice will have lost its fragrance and taste.

So by smelling you can detect the freshness of the spices.

The Spice “Smell Test”:

FRESH SPICES: have a strong smell (Be careful! It may even make you sneeze …Aaachoooo!)

OLD SPICES: no or mild smell.

How will the freshness of the spices affect my cooking?

Fresh spices will give your dishes aroma and flavour. You will use less spice as it is packed with flavour!

Old spices won’t enhance your dishes, as it lacks smell and taste.

So this one easy “Smell Test” can be the key to making aromatic, mouth- watering dishes. Just remember to do the “Smell Test” the next time you open a jar of ground spices!