"Dhreeti, your Masalas are so expensive‼ Who's going to buy them❓"

Dhreeti Khatri

"Dhreeti, your Masalas are so expensive‼ Who's going to buy them❓"

Last year, 2 gentlemen came over to my stall and said that to me. 

I remember thinking 🤔 the same thing when I started my business 4 years ago. Who was going to buy my Masalas❓ They sounded so expensive❗

Initially, when I was working out my pricing,  I remember using a stop watch⏱ to time myself on how long it took me from start to finish to prepare the Masala. Regardless of the amount of Masala I had to make (a small 50g pack or a 1kg pack), it always took me the same amount of time setting up for masala making and cleaning up afterwards. DKhat Spices is a licensed business which means we have inspections 🔍 from the council to ensure my business is following the proper food safety guidelines when preparing Masala.

I had decided that I will only grind the amount of Masala I will receive an order for. This is what my business, DKhat Spices will do!

This means there are days where I end up spending a few hours producing only 1 pack of 50g Masala and there are other days when I am grinding over 2kgs of Chai Masala (Yes! This happens to be 1 of my best sellers 😊).

From a manufacturer's perspective, this makes no sense❗

I know it would be way more efficient and easier for me to make a big batch of Masala, pack it and sell it the way it's sold at the shops but I don't want to do that!

FRESHLY GRINDING Masala after I receive an order is my service to my customers❣

In these last 4 years I have interacted with so many people and I've come to realise that there are those who will be happy to spend a bit extra to get quality and there are others who will be happy to get the cheapest deal.

To those who want to spend less, I have happily recommended them to buy their Masalas from the shops. To those who want to get the closest they can to fresh homemade Masala, they are my tribe and I will serve them 😊

So what did I say to those 2 gentlemen who said "Dhreeti, your Masalas are so expensive‼ Who's going to buy them❓"

I confidently replied "This is my price and I have many happy customers who buy them because I freshly grind their Masala only after they place an order with me."

Thank you for reading 📖

I hope you are well and safe❣

Take Care and Keep Smiling 🙃 

Dhreeti Khatri ~ The Spicy Mum.

P.S: Have you been following my business for a while and been thinking of trying my Masalas? You're simply a CLICK away from placing an order with me 👇 (And YES! I'll FRESHLY GROUND your Masala ONLY after you place your order 🙃)

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