Curried Egg Sandwich

Dhreeti Khatri

Curry Powder is not just for curries! There are various ways to use this aromatic powder. You can add it to sandwiches to bring out more flavour. 

Curried Egg Sandwich

(Makes 1-2 Sandwiches)





  1. Boil 2 eggs, peel and mash them with a fork. 
  2. Add mayonnaise to the mashed eggs. 
  3. Add curry powder to the mashed eggs.
  4. Add coriander leaves to the mashed eggs.
  5. Sprinkle pepper and salt.
  6. Mix thoroughly.
  7. Butter the bread slices.
  8. Spread the egg mixture on to the bread.
  9. Cover with bread.
  10. Slice the sandwiches.
  11. Enjoy 😊

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